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Nickle Wire Mesh Factory

1 Nickel wire weaving mesh Application: New energy power generation, petroleum, chemical, aerospace etc. Material: N4,N6 Weaving type: Plain weave, Twill weave, Dutch weave Character: Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, mainly used for separation, gas and liquid filtration, and other media separation under strong acid and alkai environment conditions. Specification: Plain weave , mesh 1-200;Twill weave ,mesh 1-220;Dutch weave, mesh 45-800. 2 Nickel wire knitted mesh Application: Mesh Demister, Oil&Gas Processor, Internal Combustion Engine, Dust Removing and Filtration etc. Material: N4,N6 Specification: 350 Pin 0.153mmX2X1150X60m,350 Pin 0.153mmX1150X60m Mesh hole size and filtration rate can be produced as per customer’s request, normal mesh width: 25mm-600mm.
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