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Wire Mesh Fence The Maintenance
Nov 06, 2017

First of all, the barbed wire fence column is buried about 0.5 meters, if you want to make the column more firmly can be poured cement. If it is only temporary protection, Wire Mesh Fence the embedded column after the compaction can be.

Installation Essentials:

One, the card buckle must be stuck in the cross intersection of the net, pliers forcibly stuck to death;

Second, the installation of the corner is best to install a pillar, as far as possible to avoid right-angled corner.

Third, heavy cargo transport process or installation process prone to wear and tear, the product will appear plastic wear skin, long time easy to rust, Wire Mesh Fence installed after the best use of self-painting repair!

1, professional installation tools, calipers

2, the special supporting column, there is the necessary accessories, rain, etc.

3, the installation before the ground to dig 40 centimeters x40 cm x50 centimeters of the foundation pit, interval 3.1-meter

4, with the cement pouring vertical pouring upright column, Wire Mesh Fence then the fence net unfolds, uses the caliper to fasten the net silk and the column clamp tightly

5, if there is a special requirement every 30 meters can be set up a broken column and a group of longitudinal oblique bracing force reinforcement.

On both sides of the river to reinstall barbed wire fence, Wire Mesh Fence and for the maintenance of barbed wire fence The staff also very helpless, hung banners, installed monitoring, but the effect is not good, and they this new installation of fence network is in the intensive care grid factory provided will be more substantial, easy not to be destroyed, At the same time, the fence factory to remind nearby residents and students can cherish these public facilities.

Long Fence Mesh Factory has exquisite technology, Wire Mesh Fence strict quality control. Medium-long fence mesh factory by use is divided into: road fence, prison protection network, railway fencing wire mesh, corrugated guardrail board, temporary fence Network, factory protection network, living quarters fence mesh, metal fence network, airport fencing wire mesh, barbed wire mesh, bridge anti-throwing network, Wire Mesh Fence garden fence, fencing fence, municipal isolation grid, temporary fence mesh, slope protection Network, Corrugated Guardrail board, highway isolation fence, iron fence network, stadium fence Network, school fencing network, port guardrail, Wire Mesh Fence dock fence network, garden fencing NET, Courtyard protection Network, Construction Network (mesh), anti-theft window (GRID).

The barbed wire fence is not only an important protective measure, Wire Mesh Fence but also an indispensable protective equipment, the barbed wire fence protects the residents ' travel safety and beautify the city, please protect him.