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Wire Mesh Fence Specification
Aug 01, 2017

Barbed wire fence manufacturers: in the aquaculture industry, Wire Mesh Fence often use the fence as the protection of the use of the periphery, when it comes to aquarium fence with a common impression - green barbed wire, Wire Mesh Fence everyone for the product This is just a superficial impression, In fact, Wire Mesh Fence there are still a variety of breeding fence specifications, today on a brief introduction.

Aquaculture fence is generally the use of low-carbon steel wire welding, Wire Mesh Fence the surface after the dipping treatment, the product in the protective capacity of the above quite solid, in appearance more beautiful and generous, the use of the breeding industry which also gave a more transparent livestock Wide living environment,Wire Mesh Fence while compared with the original brick wall, lower economic costs, more affordable, then the breeding of the fence with the general specifications which can choose? Can be divided into the following several styles.

The first kind of reel style, height from 1 m to 2 m between the choice of wire diameter generally from 200 to 300 silk, length of 30 meters, with the column for use, and this volume is also known as the Dutch net, the Netherlands fence, the specific specifications of choice, according to the actual breeding situation to be set, the size of the mesh, the thickness of the wire diameter, can be adjusted as required;

The second mesh style, the general specifications for the 1.8 * 3 m for a set of wire diameter from 350 to 500 wire between the column installation is divided into embedded and chassis installation of two, Wire Mesh Fence the mesh can be from 5-20 cm Between the wire diameter can also be adjusted accordingly, the surface is also through the dipping treatment, in the life of the above can guarantee more than a decade, Wire Mesh Fence on the basis of this style, you can also choose mesh plus border style , Similar to the highway on both sides of the use of the fence, the same specifications;

The above two specifications for the breeding of the most commonly used specifications, from the use and economic costs above, relatively reasonable, Wire Mesh Fence but the product is not immutable, if the above two products are not for you, we can also according to your request Custom.

Barbed wire fence for everyone is a strange and familiar words, Wire Mesh Fence previously introduced fence, do not know if you still have the impression. The following summarizes the barbed wire fence mainly refers to the use of metal - low carbon steel wire and Q235 welded steel mesh fence. Mainly divided into two-sided wire fence, frame fence, peach-shaped column fence, and so on, each of which is divided into many types, Wire Mesh Fence mainly used in highways, gardens, orchards, nursery, railways, bridges, schools, Wire Mesh Fence Stadiums, factories, residential quarters, organs and units, industrial parks, logistics parks, etc., each corner of each area can see the existence of metal mesh fence.

Barbed wire fence installation method of the first: If the ground is a natural land, then the barbed wire fence column in general on the basis of the original extension of 30 cm, digging on the ground about 30 cm * 30 cm * 50 cm deep pit, put the column into, And then poured with cement stones. Wire Mesh Fence And then measure the width of the mesh, Wire Mesh Fence find the next location, install the next column. Wait until the column to dry well after the fixed, with anti-theft bolts fixed mesh.

Barbed wire fence installation method of the second: the ground if it is lime, then, in the column of the Department, welded square flange, Wire Mesh Fence with the expansion screw to the column fixed on the ground. And then measure the width of the wire mesh fence mesh, find the next location, install the next column. Then fix the mesh with anti-theft bolts.