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Wire Mesh Fence Specialty
Jul 11, 2017

Fence material varied, each material also has its own characteristics. Wire Mesh Fence So today, Luoyang fence Xiaobian come with the price to introduce the screen fence.

Luoyang fence Xiaobian learned that the screen fence is mainly used for pasture grassland construction, can be built around the grassland and the implementation of fixed-point, column grazing. Wire Mesh Fence To facilitate the use of grassland resources plan to effectively improve grassland utilization and grazing efficiency, to prevent grassland degradation, protection of the natural environment. Wire Mesh Fence Luoyang fence Xiaobian told you that the screen fence also applies to agriculture and animal husbandry professional households to establish a family farms; set up border, Wire Mesh Fence farmland barrier, forest nursery, closing hillsides, Wire Mesh Fence tourism and hunting areas of the enclosure, construction site isolation maintenance. It is a necessary product to implement grassland scientific management, municipal care grass, grazing, forest protection, ecological protection, Wire Mesh Fence railway and highway closed project.

Silk fence network structure is novel, Wire Mesh Fence strong and precise, flat mesh, uniform mesh, integrity, toughness, not close, non-slip, compression, wind, rain regardless of local natural conditions how bad life is generally up to dozens year. Even if the local cut, the local pressure is not to loose deformation phenomenon, Wire Mesh Fence and has a strong anti-corrosion, Wire Mesh Fence anti-oxidation capacity, there are general advantages of steel wire mesh do not have. But also to overcome the welding wire welding point easy to open welding off the shortcomings of a one-time installation will never loose. Luoyang fence Xiaobian learned that the current production of grassland fence I plant has become China's Shadao governance, Wire Mesh Fence eco-environmental management preferred network fence, and as China's famous fence is gradually into the national key ecological management projects.

According to Luoyang fence Xiaobian understand that the world has been widely used in the military grenades grenades, prisons, government agencies,Wire Mesh Fence  banks; living area walls, private homes, villas walls, Wire Mesh Fence doors and windows, highways, railways and border protection Security.

 Barbed wire fence can also be called: wire fence, wall barbed wire and so on. It is drawn from the wire rod into a thin wire (cold wire), and then through a large welding machine will wire welding (that is, we commonly known as wire mesh). With a variety of different columns to connect.Wire Mesh Fence  Constitute a nice, high protective performance of the barbed wire fence. Because of its excellent characteristics, easy installation is widely used in highways, railways, airports, stadiums, prisons and other areas of protection. The same time as the above-

Note: Barbed wire fence through a variety of surface treatment, so that its product performance greatly enhanced, longer life. Surface treatment mainly used: galvanized, dipping, spray and other anti-corrosion treatment. Wire Mesh Fence So that the product has a very good anti-aging, anti-sun, Wire Mesh Fence corrosion-resistant and so on. Wire Mesh Fence Its products are colorful, nice, according to the color of the deployment can be agreed with the local landscape. Its high safety performance coefficient, anti-climbing ability, Wire Mesh Fence mesh connection using galvanized anti-theft screw connection, effectively prevent the devastating demolition of the human, horizontal four bending ribs, Wire Mesh Fence the net surface strength increased significantly.