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Wire Mesh Fence Ruggedness
Oct 24, 2017

Everyone on the highway, on both sides of the barbed wire is no stranger. In the protection of vehicle safety, the diversion vehicle has played a huge role. For highway fences, you know how much, specifically how to install barbed wire, what precautions are here for your specific introduction.

First, know the barbed wire

First of all, to get a preliminary understanding of the next barbed wire products, which is a new fence products, the use of high-quality, hard stainless steel wire processing, adjacent to the fence suture, the stability of more reliable. As the road fence is under great pressure, especially to prevent people and animals into the road. In terms of height and stability. Have a good improvement.

Second, how to install barbed wire

After understanding the basics of the screen fence, you need to install the fence products. For the surrounding trees, buildings, etc., need to plan the appropriate site to ensure that the road and external facilities are isolated. Specific construction techniques are as follows:

1, the implementation of the wire mesh fence drawings; for the preliminary construction of the fence drawings, to strictly enforce, taking into account the actual site, for the mountain, rugged sections, to be specific treatment, you can start from the side of the roadside to ensure the accuracy of road area , And then set the column at the centerline position and mark it in each pile group.

2, the connection network and the installation of the column; the next is for the installation of grid and column convergence. For each pillar pit, or underground 30-50 cm, after the connection, according to the location of each base stand up, and with temporary support (such as bamboo) to support, fixed.

3, the fence support bracket; set the grid, the need to bracket fixed, need to pour concrete in the pit, concrete strength design of more than 80% of the design can be removed in the temporary support, and tighten the bolt. To ensure that the bracket safe and reliable.

Barbed wire network modeling beautiful, beautiful landscape, simple grid structure, easy to transport, installation of terrain restrictions, especially for mountain, slope, multi-bend area has a strong adaptability. It plays an important role in the national economy and social development, and is an important maintenance and safety and security facility for the expressway.

Barbed wire

Barbed wire has a very good rugged, low price, suitable for large area use. For the wire mesh hanging column, should be divided into two sections, first buried at both ends of the column, and then placed in the column. In the longitudinal direction, the axis of the column should be in a straight line, there should be no signs of uneven. When the wire fence opens or the road intersections, the column spacing may be adjusted appropriately. Cross the river, the river on both sides of the river width of not more than 6M, should be displayed in accordance with drawings or barbed wire; barbed wire should be set along the terrain. If necessary, geotechnical leveling is required to obtain a clean appearance. In low-lying areas, when the vertical profile of the ground changes, can not maintain the height of the ground requirements, you can use a longer column, and then pull more shares of wire mesh.

Barbed wire as a highway closed network, played a very big role, with the isolation fence from the south called: barbed wire, most of the northern region called fence, 1990-1997 is the southern province of wire mesh network construction period, during this period For safety reasons, most use the frame fence fence. Some areas such as mountains, the ground is not suitable for the installation of the framework Wang silk fence area with barbed wire fence, since 1997, more and more highway construction, highway construction costs are high high-speed group to the relative cost of the relative relatively low, Affect the protective performance of the above wire fence.