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Wire Mesh Fence Requirements
Oct 26, 2017

Viaduct steel wire fence is also called viaduct fence, Wire Mesh Fence its height in its not damaged under the momentum can prevent the car turned down, if the speed is too fast, the fence is damaged, and then high is useless. Height just right.

1. The basis of the use of on-site pouring, Wire Mesh Fence excavation using artificial excavation, can not use artificial excavation of the rock part of the use of air pick or air gun to play shallow hole.

2. Foundation excavation slope depending on the location, the installation of concrete foundation before the need to check the size of the pit is appropriate, Wire Mesh Fence flat surface and ground flatness and density, then the basic construction.

3 foundation: concrete, the foundation pit to check the contents of the inspection: ① base plane position, elevation is in line with regulatory requirements. ② whether the base soil meet the regulatory requirements. ③ whether the pit pit water, debris, loose soil, whether to clean up.

4. Foundation concrete pouring

Foundation excavation in place, should be poured as soon as possible concrete foundation, foundation pouring to ensure its position, Wire Mesh Fence stability and elevation: column concrete foundation size 300mm * 300mm * 400mm

5. Metal fence wire column construction method, column production is completed, according to the basic construction of the installation

Generally use the second watering molding, Wire Mesh Fence the first on the basis of the secondary watering reserved hole, reserved hole size depends on the column diameter, generally greater than the column diameter of 15-25mm, as the secondary water use.

6. Metal Fence Mesh Construction Method: According to the requirements in accordance with the basic and column construction, and then the installation of mesh construction. Wire Mesh Fence Construction works according to the principle of straight line, but also on the uneven terrain, as far as possible into a straight slope or oblique oblique, so that the structure should not have too much ups and downs.

Fence fence optional types: you can choose barbed wire fence, Wire Mesh Fence zinc steel fence, pvc fence

Barbed wire fence is a good fence fence, fence fence can be installed at the top of the blade gill nets, roll cage gill nets , Barbed wire to strengthen the protection, play anti-climbing and deterred role.

Fence fence color may be free, Wire Mesh Fence columns and mesh can be used with different colors, beautiful gorgeous.

Wall fence has played a role in the protection of security and play a decorative effect