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Wire Mesh Fence Flat Pool Vulcanization
Sep 28, 2017

Iron wire fence in fact, like people, people pay attention to maintenance will become young, barbed wire fence is the same, pay attention to maintenance will use a longer life. Wire Mesh Fence Barbed wire fence with the flow of air, heavy rain, man-made destruction, there is a great relationship. General impregnated barbed wire fence will avoid this problem, dipped iron wire fence generally life expectancy of up to 20 years, barbed wire through the furnace heating and then in the tank adsorption of high-quality powder, Wire Mesh Fence into the leveling pool curing, Wire Mesh Fence to gloss Smooth effect. Out of the barbed wire fence installed in the outdoors, not afraid of spring and summer rain. But must pay attention to man-made damage.

First of all, Wire Mesh Fence the barbed wire fence column buried about 0.5 meters, if you can make the column more solid can be poured with cement. If only temporary protection, Wire Mesh Fence then buried after the pillar can be a good pillow. And then expand the fence with a special caliper to connect the column and the net.

Installation points:

One, the card must be stuck in the net at the intersection, pliers forced stuck;

Second, Wire Mesh Fence the installation of the best corner of the installation of a pillar, Wire Mesh Fence try to avoid right angle corner.

Third, heavy cargo transport process or the installation process prone to wear and tear, the product will appear skin plastic wear, easy to rust for a long time, Wire Mesh Fence after the best installation with self-painting repair!

1, professional installation tools, calipers

2, dedicated supporting column, there is the required accessories, rain caps and so on

3, before the installation of the ground dig 40 cm x40 cm x50 cm foundation pit, interval of 3 meters a

4, with cement pouring vertical pouring column, then the fence network to start, Wire Mesh Fence with a caliper to buckle the wire and column clamp

5, if any special requirements every 30 meters can be set up a broken column and a group of longitudinal bracing forced reinforcement.