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Stainless Steel Wide Net
Dec 21, 2016

Stainless steel wide net, that is more than 1 meter wide stainless steel mesh, we manufacturer-defined wide stainless steel net wide in 1.5M-6.5M stainless steel wire mesh (reality factory only producing wide in 6.5M stainless steel mesh).
Stainless steel weaving method: within 2 metres of plain weave and twill weave two weaving method. 2 m-6.5 m width for plain weave.
Stainless steel broad characteristics: acid and alkali resistance, temperature resistance, wear-resistance and other properties.
Stainless steel wide net use: used in industrial, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, machine-building industry. Stainless steel wide net wide, generally speaking, commonly used in paper-making machines, wire mesh cages and other purposes.