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Galvanized Line The System Of Cold Rolled
Nov 02, 2017

The oil and iron powder of the steel surface contain residual oil when the galvanizing line is cold rolled, and the surface of the steel oil and the garbage is cleaned by the dip galvanizing line and the continuous annealing galvanizing line before the annealing furnace.

Then through the rinse tank.

When the strip is washed and galvanized, the iron powder and the alkali cleaning solution attached to the strip surface are brushed off and the washer is put into the washer. The galvanizing line needs to be cooled on the roll surface during cold rolling, and the large amount of iron powder and coolant produced in the rolling process return to the circulating water tank. Clean liquid and coolant to recover iron powder. At present, China has not been able to use a very long time and use a good professional iron removal equipment, mainly to import German or Japanese magnetic separator. Equipment imports, high price, high maintenance cost, galvanized wire and spare parts for spare parts is very long. I have developed a high performance low cost countercurrent iron powder magnetic separator, and the actual use of magnetic iron removal rate is up to 98.7 percent, which is more than the 94 percent iron removal effect of the German magnetic rod iron separator. In addition, according to the need to use the galvanized wire, through individual improvement of permanent magnet magnetic induction intensity to further improve the removal rate of iron, the method and the magnetic separator, the direction of high gradient direction.

Containing iron powder or milling of grinding coolant bath from magnetic separator imported into 10, 12 when it passes through the concave curved buffer and liquid flow in the crank round 5 at the bottom of the slowdown to the export 1, slow down. When the liquid containing the iron powder flows in volume 5, the permanent magnet on the roll will adsorb the iron powder in the water to the roll, and the galvanizing line and the permanent magnet will not rotate with the roll. The iron powder will rotate clockwise and 7 to scraping plate through dewatering cloth. Scrape the iron powder and put the iron powder into the waste collector 3.

The technical parameters of the equipment are as follows: (1) the equipment can adsorb more than 98% and the diameter is greater than 20 mu of iron powder, which is applicable to the sodium hydroxide solution with a mass fraction of 4% ~ 6%. (2) magnetic envelope Angle is 230 °, galvanizing line and electric field intensity is basically the same, and the outer surface of the magnetic field magnetic Angle 130 ° roller is not zero. (3) the average magnetic induction intensity of the roller is approximately 0.487 5t, and the magnetic induction attenuation rate is 10%. (4) the thickness of the cylinder wall is 8 mm, the surface roughness is 6.3 mu m, the diameter is 1 100mm, the length is 800mm, the outer diameter of the rear cover roller is the same. (5) handling capacity of 110m3 / h. (6) working temperature is 80 ℃, environment humidity 35% ~ 85%, the environment temperature is 0 ~ 60 ℃.