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Galvanized Line Simple Construction
Oct 17, 2017

Galvanized Wire Groove Tools: adhesives, hand drills, tape, impact drills, hand hacksaw, electric scissors (or metal shears), pull nail gun (used in the selection of rivets for connecting groove), Galvanized line cross screwdriver and right angle chi, bending spring, screwdriver, etc.

Line Groove laying is also divided into the wall (floor top) directly fixed and hanging rod fixed two kinds. The direct fixing is to install the thread trough with wooden screws on the surface of the building, and the hanger rod is fixed by lifting the wire trough with various shapes. There are two types of "L" and "п" in the shape of the hanging rod. L-type Derrick can be used for horizontal and parallel hoisting of many lines, Galvanized line and the "п" type hanger rod can be used for lifting of single line groove. The "п" type hanger is required to be mounted with a thick wire on top of it for hanging.

All kinds of specifications of the line Groove accessories are: Yang Corner, Yin Corner, curved corner, Dantong junction box, two-pass junction box, Tee Junction box, four-pass junction box, Galvanized line internal connection head, external connector and plugging.

These accessory accessories make the wire groove at installation, it is easy to make road corners, branches, connections and other purposes, so the conventional line groove in the assembly construction is simple, as long as the necessary ground groove supporting attachment sockets on-line slot end, with the self tapping screws or core rivets fixed can be.

Because this series of trunking products, in recent years only began to promote the use of some areas in the domestic often only trough supply, and lack of ancillary accessories. Galvanized line In view of this situation, the following first tolerance when the lack of ancillary accessories, how to use the line groove itself for construction installation.

The sealing method of the line groove. Plugging is used when the line groove is laid to the end, Galvanized line and the end of the groove ends is used as a blockade. Self-made plugging can be achieved by cutting line groove cover to achieve the end of the sealing groove, cutting methods are as follows:

First of the groove end of the two slots to the side of the 45° angle, Galvanized line and then on both sides of the groove cover wall, according to the Groove cover end √ twice times the height of the groove in the size of the place cut out the hole, and the groove cover side also cut into 45° bevel. Galvanized line Then cut out of the slot cover. The groove cover is curved to a 45° angle, so that the groove cover can be matched with two 45° side walls of the line groove.

When the line slot installation is completed, you can carry out the wiring work, basically also from the line end to the line head direction laying. Make The Wire loop mark, and the thread wiring box is connected to the line, after the test line is correct, the line cover can be covered. Galvanized line Galvanized wire groove Line of the lamps and lanterns can be drawn from the line slot junction box, or directly on-line groove side wall or groove bottom hole, Galvanized line through the metal hose connector. The electrical grounding of the galvanized wire groove wiring can be realized by directly placing the naked wire in the online groove (i.e., the end of the naked metal conductor connecting the whole line trough with the grounding body, and the direct contact line Groove wall in the online groove of the naked conductor).