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Galvanized Line Operating Conditions
Jul 24, 2017

The operation of the population section is to continuously feed the original steel strip into the hot-dip galvanizing unit under the condition that the work line is not stopped. Galvanized line Inlet open-book equipment for the two sets of equipment, in production, one production and the other is in a ready state. For example, 1 # uncoiler running, 2 # uncoiler must be on a good coil, and cut the double cut with the entrance to the thick head, do all the preparatory work before welding. To be 1 # uncoiler after the operation of the strip, Galvanized line and then cut off the thick strip of steel, quickly with the # 2 uncoiler on the preparation of the coil head welded together, so that the two open-book machine alternately, Galvanized line  Will not be due to the supply of steel is not caused by the entire galvanizing unit down or down. These operations must be carried out in the time that the strip stored in the entrance hanger has not been used up. Before welding, so that the entrance section to accelerate, has exceeded the speed of the process under the premise of the set to reach full set of state. In addition, Galvanized line the jacket must be maintained within the appropriate tension. But also to check the surface of the original plate state, when the original board defects, to take the appropriate measures.

Uncover the first with a crane to the raw material coil from the storage area hanging to the inlet saddle. In the inlet saddle on the operator to check the quality of the coil, such as check the edge of the situation and the collapse of the situation, check the coil label is consistent with the production plan. Galvanized line Meet the requirements of the manual cut steel belt, and then use the entrance on the volume of the car will be transported to the coil reel, the volume should pay attention to the center line of the coil with the reel centerline height to avoid the same Collision of rolls with reels. After the roll, the steel trolley is lowered, and the reel is tightened, Galvanized line and the steel coil is placed on the center line of the equipment by visually operating the inlet steel roll centering device. Press the press roller, the jogger and the inlet pinch roller to bring the lead to the entrance double shears.

In the cold-rolled coil head and tail inevitably there must be thick part of the coil in the unwinding machine, with the jogging speed to the double shear to cut until the strip thickness to meet the requirements so far. Cut off the scrap head tied with wire, placed to the designated location. Galvanized line The extra part of the tail of the strip shall also be cut off at the end of the strip when it reaches the thickness to be reached. If the strip head is not thick, cut the head when the steel surface must be damaged one or two laps cut off. If you find the head and edge cracks, holes and other defects are not suitable for galvanizing, it will continue to cut until the requirements meet

After the tail of the strip is cut, Galvanized line the tail plate is quickly fixed to the welding position through the welding plate, and the lead is sent to the welder by the pinch roll. The strip's head enters the welder through the platen in the welder, The head and tail are aligned, and then the strip is clamped, sheared and welded. The welding process can be carried out automatically, but also in the distance welding at a certain distance punching. Galvanized line If necessary, the weld must be cut to cut the crescent. Galvanized line Usually only when the strip is narrowly widened, In the continuous hot-dip galvanizing process, Galvanized line the strip is welded to form a continuous running line. Welding operation mainly to adjust the following important parameters: welding current, lap volume, Galvanized line welding wheel pressure, welding speed, rolling pressure. After the welding operation is completed, the welding quality should be checked manually. At the same time to regularly check the welding wheel surface conditions and grinding wheel.