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Galvanized Line It's A Short Distance
Nov 06, 2017

As the wire from the zinc liquid out to the side of the zinc pot is very short, Galvanized line coupled with the use of a new Shi wiping method, the distance is shorter, not conducive to the treatment and fishing of zinc ash. According to the present situation, in order to reduce the production of zinc ash, Galvanized line it does make the zinc content greatly reduced, need to take measures to change the old habits. Measures are:

1, arrange the machine repair to make a time to do a diameter of about 15cm of ladle, up to not only to remove zinc ash, but also to float on the zinc liquid surface of the relatively thick floating slag to stir treatment.

2, with this small spoon to stir through the back and forth, Galvanized line so that the floating things all turned brown and yellow real zinc ash, and then use this small spoon to remove the brown-yellow zinc ash, while controlling the net zinc liquid poured into the zinc ash bucket.

The use of asbestos block on the surface of the steel wire to wipe the residual zinc, it does have a clear effect on the uniformity of the amount of zinc on the wire, reducing the upper and lower dispersion of zinc content, for the zinc consumption played a key role, need to continue. In view of the use of asbestos blocks, it is found that the thickness of the zinc layer on the surface of the steel wire is not large, Galvanized line and the problem of decreasing the thickness of the zinc layer by further adjusting and pressing the asbestos block is not obvious, at this time, because the gap between the asbestos block and the steel wire is like the gap between the wire and the Wire drawing And because of the constant friction, the gap between the steel wire and the asbestos block is in the increasing trend, this phenomenon is unfavorable to the reduction of zinc layer,Galvanized line need to solve.

1, when the asbestos block can not continue to reduce the zinc layer, in addition to continuing to tighten the asbestos block, the other three sides of the asbestos block shall be adjusted until they are not used, and the asbestos block can be modified to be in the original state, Galvanized line continue to use, and play a role in saving asbestos blocks.

2, the current workshop has tried to again before asbestos block with asbestos rope oil cotton clip, to reduce the amount of zinc. In view of the bad operation, high temperature, the proposed use of ceramic blank, in advance of galvanized steel wire to wipe. may be better than asbestos rope clamps. You can try it.

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