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Galvanized Line By The Actual Use
Aug 16, 2017

Cold rolled steel strip surface will be sticky with oil and iron powder containing dross, Galvanized line into the galvanized line and continuous annealing line before the annealing furnace before the first need to wash the surface of the steel tank and the dross, and then through the brush tank scrub. When the steel strip is scrubbed, Galvanized line the iron powder and the alkali wash solution attached to the surface of the strip are brushed off the strip and into the scrubbing tank. The steel strip needs to cool the roll surface during cold rolling, and the large amount of iron powder produced during the rolling process flows back to the circulating tank with the coolant. Galvanized line Cleaning fluid and coolant to be recycled to remove the iron powder. At present, China has not been able to use a long time and the use of good professional iron removal equipment, mainly by imports of German or Japanese magnetic separator. While the high price of imported equipment, maintenance costs are high, and spare parts of the preparation cycle is long. I developed a high-performance low-cost counter-current iron powder magnetic separator, Galvanized line the actual use of the magnetic separator iron removal rate of up to 98.7%, more than the German magnetic rod iron powder magnetic separator 94% of the iron removal effect. In addition, according to the need to use, Galvanized line by individually improving the permanent magnet magnetic induction strength to further improve the iron removal rate, this method meets the magnetic separator to the direction of the development trend of high gradient.

The scrub bath containing the iron powder or the mill coolant enters from the inlet 10 of the magnetic separator and slows down as it passes through the concave curved buffer 12 and the decelerated liquid flows along the bottom of the crank Roller 5, reach the outlet 1. When the liquid of the iron-containing powder flows through the roll 5, Galvanized line the permanent magnet 6 in the roll adsorbs the iron powder in the water onto the roller, and the permanent magnet does not rotate with the roll. The iron powder is rotated in the clockwise direction of the roll and dehydrated through the dewatering cloth 7 to the scraper 4. The scraper scrapped the iron powder and allowed the iron powder into the waste collection box 3.

The material of the box 9 is made of stainless steel, Galvanized line the bottom of which is circular arc, and the center of the arc is concentric with the roller. Galvanized line The distance between the bottom of the box and the roller should not be too large and the distance is too large. The magnetic force of the permanent magnet in the bottom of the drum can not maximize the adsorption of iron powder flowing through the bottom of the box. To keep the liquid open, The distance between the bottom of the box and the lower surface of the roll is designed to be 40 mm. The box is about 45 mm from the bottom of the roll at the bottom of the arc in the vicinity of the arcuate buffer tank 13 and the outlet 1. Galvanized line The two ends of the roller are 3 mm from the box. The case is provided with a water retaining plate on both sides of the drum in the arc-shaped buffer tank 13 so that the liquid containing the iron powder flowing out of the concave curved buffer tank flows all through the suction zone of the roller, So that the adsorption more thoroughly.

The dewatering device is a plain weave 8 and an ordinary white cloth 7 having one end fixed to the cross bar of the fixing frame 8. As shown in Fig. Galvanized line The mounting bracket 8 is mounted on the box and is located at ten o'clock on the surface of the roller. The cloth 7 is wider than the roll 5 and is free to cover the outer surface of the roller in a clockwise direction, and the cloth 7 covers the length of the roll on the roll of 200 mm. When the magnetic separator is operated, under the combined action of gravity and the slight pressure, friction and adsorption force between the cloth and the roller with the iron, the cloth 7 squeezes the large Part of the water. Galvanized line The iron powder adsorbed on the roll is brought to the scraper as the roller rotates due to the magnetic force.