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Galvanized Chain Link Fence Rust Is A Common Cause
Sep 08, 2017

It can lead to the rust of galvanized chain fence

Galvanized chain is our fence is widely used in industry, although the design itself has a strong corrosion resistant ability, but if use or improper selection, will appear in the actual operation of rust. So what are the main causes of the rusting of galvanized chains? Let's take a look at this:

It can lead to the rust of galvanized chain fence

1. The quality of the galvanized chain is unqualified, such as the rough surface texture and the appearance of orange peel, which can lead to the increase of rust abnormality.

2, to ensure the corrosion resistance of galvanized chain, must ensure that the chromium content more than 12%, then nature will be relatively low carbon content, and the welding seam and carbide precipitation phenomenon will appear again, so will lead to in a specific environment, appear intergranular corrosion phenomenon, namely the surface rust.

3. Long time to place the galvanized chain in the environment where chlorine ion is widely used, causing a large amount of rust on its surface, which is determined by its chemical properties.

These are the reasons why the zinc plating chain is relatively common. I hope these introductions can help you. After we learned the reasons that might cause the zinc chain to rust, we must learn to prevent the zinc chain from being rusty

The insulation treatment of galvanized chain

For the insulation of the galvanized chain processing we usually use is the package method, that is to use PVC electrical tape, insulated parts of the requirements for package, can also use the diameter of round rod is suitable for plastic tube sets. Then, it can also brush the insulation coating, the zinc chain demand in the process of removing rust, oil, dry and so on, paint the insulation anti-corrosion coating.

Of course, in addition to the package method, another is plastic coated method, in cleaning, degreasing, drying appearance treatment in the future, heated to 250 ℃ at the mercy of, people in the thermoplastic powder, plastic powder melt and form a layer of thin plastic film adhesion in appearance.

Now in the market the insulation of the common galvanized chain processing method is mainly the introduction of the two above, the importance of the insulation of the galvanized chain processing we won't repeat emphasized, for you, anyway we galvanized chain when the choose and buy, must fully consider its insulation performance, only in this way can achieve better effect.