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Galvanized Barbed Wire Significantly Improved
Oct 10, 2017

1. Wet Hot-dip galvanizing: The fruit uses the Wet method hot galvanization: The surface of the mesh of the solvent is not dried (that is, the surface or wet) on the surface of a molten solvent to cover the zinc liquid for hot dip galvanized.

The disadvantage of this method is: only in the lead-free zinc plating, Galvanized Barbed Wire the coating of the alloy layer is very thick and adhesion is very bad. Galvanized Barbed Wire Zinc slag may be produced in the presence of zinc and lead liquid interface and can not be deposited in the bottom of the pot (because the proportion of zinc slag is greater than the zinc liquid and less than the lead liquid), so that the barrier network through the zinc layer polluted the surface. In recent years, Galvanized Barbed Wire this kind of hot dip galvanized has been basically eliminated.

2. Single net piece method: firstly, the annealed mesh is fed into pickling workshop, and the oxygen-hot-dip galvanized iron sheet is removed by sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. After pickling the fence immediately into the water tank soaked waiting galvanized, so as to prevent the screen to oxidize.

After pickling, water cleaning, Galvanized Barbed Wire extrusion dry, drying, into the zinc pot (temperature has been maintained in 445-465 ℃) Hot-dip galvanized, and then coating oil and chromium treatment. Galvanized Barbed Wire The hot-dip galvanized mesh produced by this method has a significant improvement over the quality of the wet-process galvanized product, which is only valuable to the production of small-scale guardrail net.

The above two zinc plating methods are more ancient anti-corrosion methods, for different materials used in different ways, so the relatively single web piece method is now more popular way, more suitable for wire mesh galvanized. Galvanized wire mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, aquaculture, Galvanized Barbed Wire construction, transportation, mining and so on. Flat surface, solid structure, strong overall, with strong corrosion resistance to oxidation, sturdiness and durability, simple installation, not easy to fade, deformation and so on.

Galvanized iron wire is the use of cold drawn low carbon steel wire after the production of galvanized process processing of metal monofilament, according to different zinc plating process is divided into hot galvanized wire and galvanized wire (cold galvanized wire).Galvanized Barbed Wire  Hot-Dip plating process for the steel wire immersed in molten zinc to achieve the coating, relative to the electroplating process to produce faster, high zinc content and good corrosion resistance, but the coating is uneven and dark color; electroplating process for the adoption of steel wire in the plating bath to achieve the coating, relative to the hot plating process, the production speed is slow, Galvanized Barbed Wire the amount of zinc on the small and corrosion resistance, Galvanized Barbed Wire but the coating uniformity, the appearance of light. Galvanized iron wire because of low cost and good corrosion resistance characteristics, widely used in construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, product packaging and other industrial civilian areas.