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Galvanized Barbed Wire More Intensive
Sep 28, 2017

It is well known that galvanized barbed wire is not easy to rust, Galvanized Barbed Wire but also because we will use it more in life. So why in the end why galvanized barbed wire is not easy to rust it, let us together to uncover the galvanized barbed wire is not rusty mystery.

Galvanized layer for the protection of iron matrix on the one hand, although zinc is easier than the iron easily oxidized, but its oxide film is not as loose as iron oxide, Galvanized Barbed Wire zinc oxide is more intensive. Surface formation and dense oxide layer, thereby inhibiting the further oxidation of the internal iron. Especially through the passivation of the galvanized layer. Surface oxide layer will be more intensive. Itself has a high antioxidant, on the other hand when the galvanized layer of the surface is damaged, exposing the internal iron matrix, when the zinc will bear the role of seven sacrificial zinc anode, zinc will Prior to iron oxidation. This will protect the iron from being damaged.

Slope hanging galvanized iron wire mesh soil spray sowing grass technology is a modern international use of the new spray broadcast green way, widely used in Japan, and the green effect is better, Galvanized Barbed Wire the country is in the experimental stage. It is the organic soil, long-acting fertilizer, quick-acting fertilizer, adhesive, water retaining agent and coagulant and grass seeds, shrubs and other seeds by a certain proportion and stir the average organic substrate, There is galvanized barbed wire on the slope, Galvanized Barbed Wire and then in its appearance sprayed grass species. After the vegetation is restored, the developed root system can be deepened into the buried and fissure of the rock mass, and can reach the dual purpose of the permanent slope and beautify the environment.

1, to strengthen the stability of the slope: the implementation of spray planting grass, the vegetation and barbed wire into the surface network system, and through the anchor, the root (deepening the original slope of the slope) fixed on the slope, the slope surface and barbed wire, Galvanized Barbed Wire Vegetation and anchor together to form a slope protection system, greatly enhance the stability of the slope.

2, targeted: the slope protection technology, mainly applicable to the slope ratio H ≥ 1: 0.3 rock, weak weathering stone slope slope greening, especially on the steep slope than 1: 0.5 cutting rock slope, Compared with other greening methods, the advantages are obvious, if the separation of engineering measures, Galvanized Barbed Wire the approach can also be used for unstable rock slope. But from the economic side, the cost of the approach is relatively high, therefore, has a certain relevance.

3, to improve the ecological environment: the main role of organic substrate is to improve plant growth conditions, to provide plant growth of the base plate to restore the rock slope of natural vegetation, Galvanized Barbed Wire to improve the stone slope of the environmental landscape, fit the current environmental requirements.