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Galvanized Barbed Wire Good Corrosion Resistance
Oct 17, 2017

Galvanized iron wire is the use of cold drawn low carbon steel wire after the production of galvanized process processing of metal monofilament, according to different zinc plating process is divided into hot galvanized wire and galvanized wire (cold galvanized wire). Hot-Dip plating process for the steel wire immersed in molten zinc to achieve the coating, relative to the electroplating process to produce faster, Galvanized Barbed Wire high zinc content and good corrosion resistance, but the coating is uneven and dark color; electroplating process for the adoption of steel wire in the plating bath to achieve the coating, relative to the hot plating process, the production speed is slow, the amount of zinc on the small and corrosion resistance, but the coating uniformity, Galvanized Barbed Wire the appearance of light. Galvanized iron wire because of low cost and good corrosion resistance characteristics, widely used in construction, handicrafts, wire mesh, product packaging and other industrial civilian areas.

Galvanized iron wire processing technology is divided into hot plating and electroplating (cold plating). Hot plating process for steel wire through 430-460 degrees of high-temperature molten zinc bath, complete zinc in the steel wire surface of the coating, and then through the take-up line to complete production, Galvanized Barbed Wire the line of delivery includes helicopters and ramp two, Galvanized Barbed Wire and can control the speed of the zinc content. Electroplating process is in the electroplating tank through the unidirectional nature of the zinc plating on the surface of the process, in order to ensure the quality of galvanized, usually before and after the electrolysis of a washing process, mainly for the removal of impurities in the front of the electrolytic wire surface and the removal of electrolytic steel wire surface residual plating.

Use: Widely used in industry, Galvanized Barbed Wire agriculture,Galvanized Barbed Wire construction, transportation, mining and other industries. Mainly used in the general construction of external walls, pouring concrete, high-rise housing, etc., in the insulation system plays an important role in the structure, in the construction of the hot galvanized barbed wire frame polystyrene plate placed in the external wall will be poured inside the outside mold, the insulation board and wall of a survival, after the demolition of the insulation board and the wall body, thus saving manpower, time and installation costs. Galvanized steel wire Hot frame polystyrene plate is large, Galvanized Barbed Wire lightweight, Galvanized Barbed Wire easy to construction, exterior surface can be used for brick, simple operation, winter can also be carried out construction.