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Galvanized Barbed Wire Good Corrosion Resistance
Jul 24, 2017

Galvanized wire is the use of cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire after galvanizing process of production of metal monofilament, according to the different galvanized process is divided into hot-dip galvanized wire and galvanized wire (cold galvanized wire). The hot-plating process is that the steel wire is immersed in the molten zinc solution to realize the coating, and the production process is faster than the electroplating process, Galvanized Barbed Wire the zinc content is large and the corrosion resistance is good, Galvanized Barbed Wire but the coating is uneven and the color is dark; the plating process is through the wire In the electrolysis to achieve the coating, relative to the hot-dip process production slow, small amount of zinc and poor corrosion resistance, but the coating uniform, Galvanized Barbed Wire the appearance of light. Galvanized iron wire due to low cost and good corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in construction, handicrafts, screen preparation, product packaging and other industrial civilian areas.

Galvanized wire processing technology is divided into hot-dip plating and plating (cold plating). Hot-plating process for the wire through the 430 to 460 degrees high temperature melting state of the galvanized pool to complete the zinc liquid in the steel wire surface coating, and then finished by the completion of the production line, Galvanized Barbed Wire including helicopter and ramp up two, Galvanized Barbed Wire And by controlling the speed control on the amount of zinc. Electroplating process is in the plating tank through the current unidirectional so that zinc gradually coated with the surface of the wire process, in order to ensure the quality of galvanized, Galvanized Barbed Wire usually before and after the addition of a washing process, mainly used to remove the surface of impurities before electrolysis and removal of electrolysis After the wire surface residual plating

Galvanized layer for the protection of iron matrix on the one hand, Galvanized Barbed Wire although zinc is easier than the iron easily oxidized, but its oxide film is not as loose as iron oxide, zinc oxide is more intensive. Surface formation and dense oxide layer, thereby inhibiting the further oxidation of the internal iron. Especially through the passivation of the galvanized layer. Galvanized Barbed Wire Surface oxide layer will be more intensive. Itself has a high antioxidant, on the other hand when the galvanized layer of the surface is damaged, revealing the internal iron matrix, Galvanized Barbed Wire when the zinc will bear the role of seven sacrificial zinc anode, zinc will Prior to iron oxidation. This will protect the iron from being damaged.