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304 Stainless Steel Mesh
Dec 21, 2016

304 stainless steel nets are mainly used for sieving and filtration under acid and alkali conditions, the oil industry for mud network, chemical fiber industry for sieve filters,Electroplating industry for pickling NET, gas separation, liquid filtration, and other media. Generally use stainless steel mesh wire, of nickel wire, brass wire for the material.
Gold is a Silk weaving silk poly densely arranged in a dense net, plain weave, twill weave, plain Netherlands weave, Twill Netherlands woven reverse Netherlands weave five ways. Specifications of the stainless steel mesh 5--630 head. Anping County is known as the "Township of screen" screen has many years of experience with more than not stainless steel manufacturers, performance stability, fine stainless steel mesh filter and so on. Can be designed according to user's needs for various models stainless steel wire mesh products.
304 stainless steel mesh product material: stainless steel wire, brass wire mesh and nickel. Mainly used for filtration of gases, liquids and other media black with.