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Welded wire mesh welding machine used by how to disassemble
Dec 21, 2016

(1) cut the power. Remove the shell. After mark and secondary terminals removed.
(2) the regulating body, to the handle, screw, broken wheels and springs for the demolition, but remember that its location. Then check the components of the extent of the damage. Serious damage should be renewed.
(3) winding short circuit grounding local failures, usually made of glass ribbons, yellow wax silk or cloud bundle hot, such as on "" bandage; a coil short circuit. To winding circle.
(4) check the connection points, embroider Rust removal and tightening should be carried out.
(5) from half of the parts and clean up the rust, and paint on the shell.
(6) to the iron core wound coils or maintenance, you should release the iron core plywood, dismantle the cross blunt iron, and then take out secondary and a primary coil.