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Welded wire mesh enterprises how to make international markets work
Dec 21, 2016

China exported South Africa touches all areas of goods, comparison, we like minerals, paper pulp, our exports are textiles, South Africa imported textile 80% of South Africa have been imported, shoe 90%, this volume is very large, why too much some lack of local, impacting local career. Textile career in South Africa some factories have been closed, has been resisting. We think to do is to avoid these occupations, they bound these occupations, there are comparative fierce race, compare their electronic job vacancies, and household appliances.
There are building materials, included the construction of the metal, which can come in, still have potential, induction cooker and I just said, because most of the local electricity, induction cooker is the South Africa Department of trade to our referrals, expect induction cooker comes in.
South Africa to middle-income developing countries, is the most economically prosperous countries in Africa. South Africa's natural resources is very profitable. Mining, manufacturing, agriculture, service industry is the four pillars of the economy, deep mining skill is located highest in the world.
South Africa financial comparison, legal system improvement, communication, transport, power and other infrastructure facilities outstanding. But the biggest problem is the imbalance between national economic departments, regions, urban and rural, non-dualistic economic characteristics significantly. New South Africa Government has drafted the "reconstruction and development programme", focused on progressive black socio-economic position. Launched in 1996, "added, and redistribution of work programme", aimed at through privatization, reducing the fiscal deficit, added labour market flexibility, promote exports, relaxing foreign exchange controls, add encouraging SMEs to carry out, inter alia, economic, adding work, gradually changes to irrational distribution situation.

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