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Wall insulation design crack
Dec 21, 2016

China is a major energy consumption, energy consumption for the year after the United States, total ranked second in the world. Urban construction in China is in a period of rapid growth, architectural energy gap is large, only unilaterally strengthen the dynamic aspects of investment and infrastructure construction to meet the rapid growth of social development and alleviate energy shortage. Building energy saving has become one way to quickly alleviate the energy shortage. So-called building energy-saving, context is used in building using energy-saving move, but today it means a literal meaning abundance, much deepened. Energy-saving means to strengthen, in the methods used to technically feasible, economically sound as well as the environment and the community can afford, reduce waste from energy production to marketing costs for each link.
Since in the mid 1980 of the 20th century, wall heat insulation construction technology in construction of more and more widely used, and its technological level has been considerable progress; cracking wall insulation system is the key technology. Because if wall insulation layer cracking, wall insulation will greatly change, and can not meet the design requirements of energy-saving, even endanger the safety wall. Wire mesh products in the field of thermal insulation wall crack of hot-selling products, common types of wire mesh products are: expanded metal mesh, welded wire mesh, iron cloth.