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Screen concepts
Dec 21, 2016

Concept of the screen: screen is a basic categorization-also known as silk screen.
Natural silk or man made synthetic fibers, which are based on variety of wire through a variety of spinning, drawing, knitting, impact extrusion processing, manufacturing has many geometry mesh product.
Function of the screen: screen with seven basic functions: one, particle filter, screen; the second, taking into account gas; the filtrate; four, translucent; five surrounding territories, seven, conductive.
Screen of uses: screen of uses is widely: primary: agricultural, and forest, and Mu, and fisheries (poultry, and light/seawater farming, fishing; Prairie, and animal surrounding territories,); secondary: industrial (metallurgical, and mine, and mechanical manufacturing, and space aviation,), and oil chemical (mud network, and liquid, gas worry, and purification,) pharmaceutical, and ceramic, and glass (screening particles, and powder,), and paper printing (printing version network), and military (battery guide grid,); tertiary industry: traffic transport (Highway, and railway, and airport surrounding territories), Science and technology research and development, architecture and cultural life (computers, televisions, radios, air conditioners, refrigerators, mobile phones, phone); clothing, food, shelter (senior suits, Simmons mattresses, food processing, food processing, and so on).