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Reasons for adding modified wire welded wire mesh for concrete
Dec 21, 2016

Mentioned building we on not difficult thought concrete of application, concrete in was water diluted Hou smear in building wall body Shang, after long time of drying Hou natural on and wall body became one hard very, but concrete of toughness is very poor, after years of weathered Hou, concrete wall on will appeared crack, such on will undoubtedly effect has construction of quality, more serious of when will appeared dangerous, to live who constitute personal security of troubled, to solution this a quality problem, Construction engineers after years of research and try to finally found a way to solve, is in construction projects, join the modified wire welded mesh to concrete, concrete with modified wire walls of the welded wire mesh together into a fixed, which can reflect the hard concrete, wire welded wire mesh for modification of support and prevention of crack in concrete walls.