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Application of welded wire mesh in the agricultural development
Dec 21, 2016

With agricultural of development, today rural of economic conditions also has improved, dang into rural everywhere are has wide of oil surface Highway, highway of sides are is farmers friends planted of crops or Orchard, these crops and Orchard are is with welding network as fence and for protection of, welding network of application in on crops and Orchard for protection of while, and let around of environment is more of coordination. Application of welded wire mesh not only low investment costs, but also beautify the surrounding environment.
Many farmers in the countryside or welded wire mesh is also used as a breeding cage fence to use, and types of welded wire mesh as a breeding NET is also very much, and affordably.
Now with technology of constantly development and farmers consciousness of constantly improve, increasingly more of farmers began select with welding network as food storage with network, this is we often said of granary welding network, with granary welding network store food is should for granary welding network has very good of thermal sex, can makes food in at room temperature conditions Xia fast dried, easy store, while with granary welding network storage of food not only color bright and quality very good, so granary welding network as farmers friends of food storage network is most ideal of store tool.