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Application of welded wire mesh in floor heating
Dec 21, 2016

With winter growing close to the heating problem is around the corner, especially in the northern region, the annual heating is necessary, today we will talk about heating problems. Heating method in modern life there are two one is nothing more than the use of radiators for heating, has largely been eliminated in this way; the other is the way people use the underground heating, now most of the new construction of residential buildings and housing in rural areas is the underground heating.
Actually underground heating way simple convenient and thermal volume high, its heating of way has two species, a is heating disc tube type, a is fever cable type, this two species heating way regardless of is which a are without we common of welding network, its welding network of role is let heating disc tube or fever cable suspended in insulation layer on, usually situation Xia, people will in heating disc tube or fever cable upper and lower are Pu Shang welding network tablets, using welding network tablets will heating disc tube or fever cable overhead, Is the concrete and better package heating coil or heating cable make the heat more efficiently.